Cryptocurrency is gradually becoming part of our life and our world. Those who are seeking job opportunities in this industry can get one if they know about crypto.

The time spent trading crypto, staking, minting, and other endeavors can stand as a resume for job seekers in this industry. As it is a growing industry, many companies/projects are looking out for those who know cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

Blockchain developers, programmers, and individuals who have digital skills are much sought-after in this industry. Despite the unemployment rate in the world, especially in the African region, crypto has provided a platform to earn income while working.

In this post, we’ll discuss how to find a job in cryptocurrency. Let’s understand more about cryptocurrency before getting into it.

What Jobs are Available in Crypto?

The crypto industry has enormous opportunities for those talented and creative ones. One could take a crypto job as a side hustle or full-time. Some jobs can pay up to $900k per month. Here are some of the job roles one can find in the crypto industry.

Blockchain developer
Product Manager
Creative designer
Financial manager
Project manager
Community Manager
Social media manager
Technical writer
Legal advisor, etc.

What You Need to Know to Find a Crypto Job in 2022

The crypto industry has both technical & non-technical jobs available. Those who are good at what they do will benefit from the immense opportunities in the fast-growing industry. There’s a serious talent shortage. Here are things you need to know to get a job in crypto today.

1. Know about Crypto

Today, cryptocurrency has become more popular than it was a couple of years ago. Many people are involved in crypto trading, mining, minting tokens, gaming, and so on. You’ll need to have a basic knowledge of crypto and its endeavors although this doesn’t apply to all crypto jobs as you can also learn about it.

There are several courses uploaded online for you to know more about cryptocurrency. Your knowledge of how crypto works will make it easier to get a job in crypto.

2. Being involved in Crypto

Asides from getting to know about crypto, it is also important that you do crypto. You can be involved in crypto activities such as staking, flipping NFTs, qualifying for airdrops, joining a crypto community, and so on.

You can even join discussions on social media platforms such as Reddit, Telegram, Twitter, and so on.

3. Build an on-chain resume

It has been predicted that soon, you won’t need to present a resume to the interviewer. An on-chain resume will be used when finding a job which will have all the details a recruiter needs to know about your experience.

Your prior experience when getting involved in crypto as learned earlier will get you an on-chain resume. This resume will be a record of your crypto activities on a blockchain. This will show that you’ve been involved in crypto. Some web3 projects are developing such resumes, while apps like Degenscore can be used to generate reports of your overall on-chain performance.

4. Find your niche

There are many areas you could be involved in cryptocurrency. You may decide to go into any of web3, DeFi, blockchain, DAO, NFTs, metaverse play-to-earn gaming, and so on. You can also decide on taking Bitcoin jobs when you have learned more about it.

Finding your niche in this regard would go a long way in making you an expert in an area rather than draining your energy on all.

How to Find a Crypto Job in Cryptocurrency

Having a good knowledge of cryptocurrency and its element is a huge step in getting a job in crypto. However, making use of your knowledge can land you a well-paying job.

Your contributions to a crypto project via its community on Discord can be an opportunity you need to get a Crypto job. Once you are noted on this platform you can be hired by the organization. You can contribute by participating in Discord servers, jumping on community calls, and so on.

If you’re not involved in a crypto community, you can find a crypto job on sites such as LinkedIn, Reddit, Discord, etc.


There are several jobs available in the crypto space. The knowledge of cryptocurrency is very important in getting jobs in this industry which is growing every day.